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gonzalo coello

Gonzalo Coello Campos

Growing up between clays, modeling sticks, slippers and pigments, within a family dedicated to sculpture, could explain the natural development that Gonzalo demonstrates in the trade and his love for this art. Over time he has been defining his style until reaching a personal language, characterized by strength, expressiveness and movement, traits that enrich all his work. A wide technical domain of the round package, the relief, the monumental sculpture, the mural, the stoneware, the bronze, the skates, the pigments, the oxides ..., allow you to give free rein to your creativity. Record the passage of time on the faces of earth or metal, scratches of effort. Freeze the movement of group choreographies that are catalogs of gestures and crossroads of planes. Restless with the strength of his round beasts. And at the same time, in contrast, it makes every piece exhale reverie. His collections of tones, horses, pigeons and characters in continuous renovation, enjoy great acceptance but it is in the monumental sculpture, which focuses his current work, where his personal style acquires maximum expression.

María Eugenia Hernáiz.

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